SBC 3:6 – About Hawaii!

In Hawaii, there are eight tiny islands in the middle of the ocean with sunny weather year-round, double rainbows when it’s raining, and rarely any storms or heavy rains. You could go to the beach or swim at a pool almost any time you want. We have good reason to want to swim every day in the cool water since the weather is 80°+ every day. We have a lot of hotels and tourist attractions. One example is the Atlantis Submarine. At Waikiki Beach, you pay for a pass and board a boat that takes you out far to deep waters. There, you wait for the next available submarine (I believe there are three) and when it resurfaces, the people inside come on the boat and you will hop off and descend a ladder into the submarine. The farthest depth that I went to was 112 feet subsurface. We saw green sea turtles, an eel, and other cool sea creatures. This is a picture that I took at Waikiki Beach that shows how great the weather can be sometimes:

Palm Trees @ Waikiki Beach

Thanks for reading this post about my home!

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