SBC – Week 3, Activity 9 – ZOOM :D

Hello, again. Here is my “zoom” post. Honestly, I don’t know what to do, so I’ll just see what you guys can make of this. Hopefully, I don’t get ridiculous comments from my classmates that end up having nothing to with the picture whatsoever (cough–it’s totally going to happen–cough). Haha, all of my sentences have started with an “h” so far.

I Love ColorsCreative Commons License Yann Gar via Compfight

I don’t know, already. I like art and I’m in a sappy state of mind right now, so I was just like, why not? A heart made of color pencils? Sure! Don’t ask about the sappy state of mind thing. Long story. Now, please excuse me while I go into a corner and cry over my weird fangirl things…

Ω Angela Ω

59 thoughts on “SBC – Week 3, Activity 9 – ZOOM :D

  1. I really liked your zoom out post. The heart made out of colored pencils is super neat also your blog is really funny.

    1. Thanks! I don’t really try to be funny. My humor is mostly nonexistent and unplanned XD. I make jokes mostly when I’m writing about my books.


  2. I love the ways you have personalized your blog! The font you choose as well as the seasonal snowflakes give it an interesting final touch!

    1. Thank you! Most of my actions are influenced by my crazy inner fangirl, but it’s really hard to explain. My background is a picture drawn by Viria from one of the book series I read.


  3. Hi Angela I love your zoom picture,it looks great by the way did you take that picture?? Also arts is one of my favorite things to do to.

    1. No, I didn’t take that picture. I actually got it off of Compfight. I also love to do art. Sketching and painting are my favorites.


  4. Dear Angela,
    Your ‘zoom’ picture looks great! I really love your post! Its funny how all your sentences started with an ‘h’. You have a really funny blog!

    1. Dear Mykenzie,

      Thanks! The sentences starting with an ‘h’ was actually not planned. I only noticed it after I started proofreading my post.


  5. I love how you make this post intriging by adding in the (cough-its totally gonna happen-cough) and how you stat that all your sentences start with an H… oh and what do you “fangirl” over?

    1. I fangirl over Rick Riordan’s mythology books. I’ve been reading them for years now, and sometimes, they can make me angry, sad, and happy at the same time. It’s really hard to explain though…


    1. Thank you! The humor found in most of my posts is unplanned unless I’m writing about books that I really like. When my other posts have a sense of humor, I don’t see it until later O.O


  6. I really like your blog and love for art, I also think your funny and you seem like a cool person, some one i would definately hang out with 🙂

    1. Aww… Thanks! My love for art is pretty ardent, but not nearly as much as that for books. My friends know what I mean. They’ve seen what I call my fangirl frenzies XD


  7. Hi Angela,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog a while ago, I really appreciated it. I love this post! I didn’t know how to do this activity, but now I do so thanks. 🙂


    1. Hi Naho,

      Thanks and you’re welcome! Once you get to understand the activities, they’re a lot easier. I didn’t understand this one until I looked at past examples 😐


  8. It great that you told about what is going on with you now and that you explained why you have a picture of a heart made out of color pencils.

    1. Thanks! I don’t always like to leave my readers hanging, so I try my best to explain why the heck I do weird things.


    1. Thank you! I picked the zoom picture out of boredom, really, but I also liked it so I was just thinking, why not?


  9. your writing made me laugh. but, what was with the every sentence with an h? whatever the reason, I loved your post.

    1. Thanks. The thing about my sentences starting with an ‘h’ in the first paragraph was actually unplanned. I didn’t notice it until I thought I was finished with the first paragraph.


    1. Thanks! If you want more information about me, you can search for my “All About Me” post at the top of my blog.


  10. Your post is very creative and has good art to it. I really like your picture and why you posted it. Good job!

    1. Thanks! I like art because it allows you to be creative and express yourself since there are no rules in art.


    1. Thanks! The first sentences starting with the letter “h” was unplanned. I didn’t notice it until I was proofreading.


  11. Dear Angela,
    I love the way you express yourself! I think this picture had a very artistic POV and I really like why you posted the picture!

    1. Thanks 🙂 The artistic point of view isn’t very common for me. I’m normally screaming at a bunch of people.


    1. Thanks, but nah. I’m really not good at creative writing. If I have a topic, then sure, I have no problem writing something, but if you just tell me to write something that comes straight from my imagination, then it won’t be that pretty.


    1. Thanks! If you want to see more creativity, then you should talk to some of my other friends. Their art is really good, and it just leaves me speechless.


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