SBC – Week 6 – Game Time!

So, this should be fun! First, I commented on Elisa’s blog. I commented on her “7 Random Facts About Me” post because they were very interesting facts about her. This is what I wrote:

Dear Elisa,

Wow, those really are random facts! Do you still remember how to speak Danish? Also, I live with two younger siblings, but I can’t imagine living with five siblings.


Next, I commented on Kayleigh’s blog. I commented on her “The worst of the worst” post because I can totally relate to some of the ten things she listed. Here’s what I commented:

Dear Kayleigh,

Oh, gosh, I so agree with a lot of these. Last school year, one of my classmates did #10 on my phone. And when the boys purposely drag their shoes on the gym floor, it hurts my ears so badly. And the French fries getting cold? Forget it. It’s terrible. Life is so hard sometimes D:


Last, I commented on Elizabeth’s blog. I commented on her “Friends blogs and About me” post because I just like finding out how similar and different I am from other bloggers. This is what I commented:

Dear Elizabeth,

You’re so lucky that you’ve never broken a bone before. I broke my right collarbone when I was nine and my right ring finger when I was ten, and it hurt. I’m also 13 years old, but I only turned 13 recently. I have a younger sister and brother, and it’s super hard having to watch over my brother.


So, that’s it for week 6, and buh-bye!

Ω Angela Ω

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