SBC – Week 8 – Community

So, I guess mine will be pretty straightforward seeing as I’m not really a part of a lot of stuff… I have my home community (my mom, dad, younger sister, younger brother, and I), my classroom community (my other 10 classmates and I), my after-school hip-hop community (maybe eight fourth thru seventh graders and I), and my community on Scratch.

At home,  I have to take care of my little brother, who is two right now, when needed. I also have to set a good example for both my sister and brother. I have to finish my homework by 8:30 or earlier if I want dessert, and I have to try to go to bed at 9:00 as long as I don’t have any homework that takes a long time. Some of my classmates find it insane that I’m able to go to sleep at 9:00, but I think it’s just crazy that they can stand staying up until, like, 2:00 in the morning :T.

At school, we’ve become a big family. Even some of the newer kids feel like family. We’ve been through a lot together, and our class is really small. We’re always horsing around with each other, giving each other new, weird nicknames, and other weird stuff. Really, I don’t think we go a day at school without calling each other something other than our actual names. It’s really fun, and I’m gonna miss everyone once we all go to high school.

In hip-hop, we basically just dance our hearts out. I’m not even kidding. All of us really have a passion for dance or some form of art (drama, for almost all of the other kids there). Our instructor teaches us new dance routines when we’ve got one down completely, and we’re going to be performing at the school fun fair in January. It’s really fun to be able to dance and not worry about other people criticizing you because everyone else is doing the exact same thing.

Now, for the one that I love a lot, Scratch. Scratch is a coding website, and you can make projects, join studios, follow people and studios, like and favorite projects, and connect with other people all over the world. This is the website where I do almost all of my fangirling because I don’t have to worry about being judged. If you want to join, it’s absolutely free, and technically and education website (owned by MIT). <3 😀

Alright, I’m pretty sure I’m done here, so さようなら (go on Google Translate if you want to know what that means :3).

Ω Angela Ω


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  1. Wow, nice blog!
    It seems to be like an old school type. Which I mean is cool because it is like notebook and like you wrote it down. This blog is really unique! Nice job keep it up! Your community seems nice and cool but I am sure you want to see some more communities like yours right? If no fine but check out my blog 😛


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