SBC – Week 9 – Activity 2 – Favorite Blog to Visit

Okay, I’mma start off with this: I forgot the freaking dash in the title for the last post between “SBC” and “Week 9.” I’m so disappointed.

Anyway, moving on! So, a blog that I especially like to visit, but not from my class? That will have to be BeThatGirl‘s blog (yes, BeThatGirl is her username). She is also an avid reader (to classify her as a fangirl would just seem wrong for me because I haven’t actually legitimately talked to her about books that she likes for hours, so yeah) and has great posts. Each post starts out with some sort of quote, whether a small skit that she came up with, a quote that she came up with, whatever works and aligns with the topic of the post.

When she talks about books in her posts, she sounds so passionate about them. She rants her heart out (like yours truly :3) and has something that any true reader could relate to. It’s amazing, and her replies to comments are so enthusiastic <3.

If I were allowed to pick someone from my class, it’d be Mina because she is also a fangirl like me, and we’ve done a lot of hanging out since October. We’ve gone to see two movies, had one sleepover, and she invited me to dinner the day right after we watched our second movie. She has made a Marvel fan out of me XD.

So, that’s it for this post, and buh-bye now, guys!

Ω Angela Ω

One thought on “SBC – Week 9 – Activity 2 – Favorite Blog to Visit

  1. Hello Angela! This was a great post! I also think that Be That Girl is also a good blog! Although,I wish that would’ve checked your writing. And I wonder how you became a big fan?

    Please visit my blog at

    Your friend, Milani 🙂

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