SBC – Week 1 – Activity 1 – My Avatar

Hello, hello, and I am back to doing posts that hopefully won’t involve me screaming my head off! For the SBC, I’m using the same avatar as last time:

And you know, there are so many other pictures that I would’ve used, but I didn’t for one very important reason: I didn’t make them myself.

Go here to read the post I made a while back explaining why I made my avatar this way.

Well, buh-bye for now, guys!

ᛟ Angela ᛟ

7 thoughts on “SBC – Week 1 – Activity 1 – My Avatar

    1. Dear Kumba,

      Thanks! Really, this is just a place for me to scream incessantly about pretty much everything XD.


  1. Hello Angela! I love your avatar, so cute! Also, I love how the background of your blog post moves…very neat!

    1. Dear Mackenzie,

      Thanks :)! I freaked out when I saw that GIF because it was so cute, so naturally, I made it my background XD.


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