SBC – Week 6 – It’s time to fangirl!!

Hey, guys! So, I have been doing some pretty crazy stuff lately, and it’s time to share all the crazy details about my life as a fangirl. Really, another title of this post could be “The Struggles of Being a Fangirl,” but if it was that, this post would probably be super long. I’ll spare you guys from the torture.

Alright, I’ll go back as far as I can remember. I think maybe two weeks ago, I was watching “Moana” because my sis wanted to get it on Blu-Ray. As I’m watching and it’s getting close to the end of the movie, I remember the cover of the “Hamilton” soundtrack looks similar to one part of the movie. And then, that got me thinking. Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the lyrics and music for “Hamilton.” He also wrote some of the songs for “Moana.” And that led to my crazy theory that the animators and directors of “Moana” purposely made that one pose Moana was in look pretty much exactly like the pose that Hamilton was in on the “Hamilton” soundtrack cover.


Honestly, I saw that coming from a mile away.

Next… Jessica and I got bored one day, so we looked up “Hamilton” memes on Google Images. Oh, boy. Some of them were downright hilarious. One of them made me cry, of course… Some of them got me thinking about what I will probably end up doing every time I see the words “king” or “Reynolds.” For example: pass by a Burger King sign? *is triggered* Another one: see that roll of Reynolds Wrap at home on the counter? *is majorly triggered* And of course, let’s not forget the one about Lafayette adopting Hamilton… Here, I’ll type it out for you guys. If you don’t understand why it’s so funny, LISTEN TO THE “HAMILTON” SOUNDTRACK.

Lafayette: Alexander, after much deliberation, I’ve made a decision. You’re a tragic, orphaned child, but you deserve a mother. I think you need a new one.

Hamilton: Wha- oh, no.

Lafayette: From this fateful day forth, Monsieur Alexander Hamilton, I will be your mother.

Hamilton: Hmm. All right. I can live with that.

Hamilton: But who’s the father? Laurens?

Lafayette: *smirks* No, he’s my son-in-law.

Laurens: *stands up and leaves the room*

Hamilton: *stands up and leaves the room*

Mulligan: *applauds*

Like, really, how can you argue with that?? That’s pure gold, right there! Gold!

Ahem. Anyway, that was the part with the memes. Now, what am I forgetting? Umm… Oh, right. Hehe.

So, anyway, on Sunday, my family went to my aunty’s place for my little cousin’s birthday. When we got there, my aunty told me that my grandma got me… wait for it, wait for it, wait… (sorry guys, I had to) HTTYD 2 ON BLU-RAY WIPOFHAWIPEFHPAWIOFHIOAHFPOH <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I CAN TORTURE MY SISTER ON MOVIE NIGHT NOW APIHEWIPOHFPAWIOHFIPAWHEF YYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!

Sorry, guys. I probably should’ve warned you about the insane fangirling to come. But then again, it’s a given that it’ll happen. And also, it takes the fun out of it all if I tell you ahead of time.

And of course, the most recent crazy thing I’ve done.

So, it’s Monday, right? My sister has basketball practice, I’m playing on my phone, I’m getting distracted from my games because of my classmates’ texts, you get the idea. Anyway, I’m listening to music on YouTube while doing that. And, as you can probably guess, it was “Hamilton.” But, I wasn’t just listening to certain songs over and over again like I normally do. I found a video that had all the “Hamilton” songs piled into that one video. So, basically, two-and-a-half hours of “Hamilton” music playing NON-STOP! Teehee…

Anyway, I was so engrossed in listening to the entire soundtrack again that I didn’t pause the video and ended up listening to all of Act 1. So, of course, I feel accomplished.

Hehe, and then, come Tuesday, I decide that I want to try and finish up Act 2. Well, guess what? DID IT, KIDS! *snaps fingers* *flips hair* WORK! Sorry, guys. I did a quiz to see which “Hamilton” character I am and I got Angelica, so yeah.

And as I was listening to Act 2, I was internally screaming for many reasons. “Cabinet Battle #1” is so freaking amazing because of all the shade that’s thrown. “Say No To This” made me scream my head off because I HATE Maria Reynolds. “Blow Us All Away” made me cry because PRECIOUS BBY PHILIP NUUUU!! *cries* “The Election of 1800” was just wow. I mean, seriously, Hamilton chose Jefferson over Burr. And then his reason: Jefferson has beliefs; Burr has none. *gasps* Ooohhh.

OH, wait! I almost forgot! I didn’t mention one thing yet…

The Dark Prophecy is going to be released in less than a week. Because of that, I’ve been screaming my head off lately with two of my friends on Scratch… Well, one of them. The other one, I fangirl over “Hamilton” and MasterChef Jr. with. And MCGA. And some other stuff sometimes. Yeah, who am I kidding? We fangirl over pretty much everything, even food.

Here’s why I’m sad about the release date. I’ll be going to Japan on May 8. So, hehe… I probably won’t be able to read the book before I leave. APOEFHAIPOFHAWPOHEFEIOAW MY LIFE THO.

And another, of course. Why am I so forgetful?

So, umm… on Wednesday, I was listening to the “Hamilton” soundtrack again… and when “Stay Alive (Reprise)” came on, I put one of my earbuds in Jessie’s ear… and she started crying… I feel really guilty now… I’M SO SORRY GIRL <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.

And now, because I am bored out of my skull, here’s a picture of (pretty much) what the poster in my room looks like. I mentioned it a few posts back, and I’m not gonna talk about it again because no one will read about it. Anyway, if you see a poster like this in a store, buy it and also get HTTYD 1 and 2 on DVD or Blu-Ray. Then, watch all four seasons of RTTE on Netflix, and like the rest of the fandom, wait until S5 comes out. And then S6. And wait for HTTYD 3, which is when the entire fandom will scream. Just do it. Because trust me, it’s hard to hate the franchise. Take my word for it, guys.

How To Train Your Dragon 2Creative Commons License Global Panorama via Compfight

*squeals because fangirl reasons* Every night, this is what I fall asleep looking at. And it’s glorious. PAWHEFPIOAWHFIPOEWHFPIOAWPOIEFJWAPOIFJAWIOEFHOAKDLASFKJEWAIPO <3 <3 <3. And if I ever find pictures of Toothless making those amazingly cute trademark faces of his, I will die and pray that I can somehow get them for my walls XD. Great, now I’m rambling. Excuse me for a few minutes. I’ll just be in my corner, sobbing about life.

*comes back 20 minutes later* *is still sobbing* *has tears in eyes* *clings to Jessica because she is my anchor to the world of reality* *is pulled away from her* *curls into self* *sobs* *dies* *prays that someone will wake me up in time for RTTE S5*

Yeah, I’m back, guys. Sorry about that, but I’m very emotional right now.

And now, for the fun part. Please comment if you:

  • want to learn more about my fandoms
  • want to comment some random Hamilton lyrics (so long as they’re clean)
  • are part of any of my fandoms
  • are in any of my fandoms somewhat and want to know things to watch/read/listen to get more absorbed in them
  • want recommendations for sites to visit that are related to any of my fandoms

And speaking of recommending related sites, here are a few of my favorite Tumblr sites related to the HTTYD fandom:

@rafxsulfuslovestory, @fanwriter02, @kingofthewilderwest, @httyd-confessions, @graphrofberk, @httydofdreamworks, @leffie-draws-fanart, @leffie-reblogs, @raide-draws-fanart, @tarched.

And those are only off the top of my head. But they’re amazing. @rafxsulfuslovestory and @fanwriter02 write fanfictions. @kingofthewilderwest does analyses and is basically your go-to guy if you are confused at all over any part of the franchise. @httyd-confessions writes people’s confessions about the franchise. @graphrofberk and @httydofdreamworks make GIFs of scenes from the franchise. @leffie-draws-fanart and @raide-draws-fanart do fanart, and @leffie-reblogs is @leffie-draws-fanart’s second account where she reblogs random yet funny stuff. And finally, we have @tarched (and yes, I saved him for last for a reason), who makes HTTYD animations. Crazy amazing stuff, really.

So, those are all the people on Tumblr whose blogs I have frequently visited. Trust me, once you find good posts on their blogs, it’s hard to stop visiting repeatedly.

And before I forget… if you want to know all the things you need to know about my fandoms, here are some of the official sites. Some of them haven’t had any updates in a while because there haven’t been any new releases, but that gives you time to catch up.

Alright, that’s all for this week, guys! Hope I didn’t bore anyone to death with about 1,500 words… Yeah, I’m not kidding about that.

I hope I actually did cover everything… because I swear to gods, if I reread this post when it’s actually up on my blog and remember that I missed something, I will be so mad…

ᛟ Angela ᛟ

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